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Do technology companies have a moral obligation to protect their clients from harm which may result from the use of their products? (W1399B)

Personally, I believe that companies protecting their clients is a good practice. The clients are choosing to use their service, so the companies should protect them. If companies protect their clients, they are more likely to gain their trust as well.

I completely agree with your statement, but unfortunately in today’s world, companies aren’t always looking to care and nurture towards the clients they have already made money from, but are focusing on bringing more clients which equals more profit. Extremely cynical, but it is how modern day companies run nowadays.

I believe companies have a moral obligation to protect their clients because if not, that company is causing an issue which could be easily solved. Unfortunately modern companies don’t think this way and focus purely on profit.

I agree with you. I think because they are using their products they have the responsibility to make sure it’s safe. The only problem is that it’s difficult to decide whether what they are doing protects the user or restricts the rights and takes away their privacy. I think it will be difficult to find a balance between all of those. Because in tech companies unlike other companies there is a blurry line between privacy and security. So although I agree with your statement, how much privacy are you willing to give up in order to ensure that everyone will be safe when using those products?

I think from a company standpoint it is very important to secure the customers attention and trust. For that the company needs to take responsibility of their clients products. They need to protect all of their products while securing their privacy. The more a company practices these morals the better respect they will get from their clients which is really important.

I believe that technology is no different from a toy. Companies try their best to put safety features in place in case a child hurts themselves. However, if it is used incorrectly, like hitting your brother with a plastic hammer, it could cause harm. I dont think companies need to protect their customers when they use their products incorrectly.

Yes, I believe that this answer is obvious and there is no way around the fact that if you make a product it is supposed to be safe. People are not spending valuable money on technology products that are unsafe and will cause danger to them, by making all products safe you are not only building a better relationship with the customer you are gaining their trust and support.

Yes indefinetly all technology( and any product in general) Have an obiligation and if not a legal obligation to warn they’re consumers of risks and dangers of theyre product.

I agree with your statement. COmpanies should be protecting their clients because it is the moral thing to do. It is not okay for a company to let things just happen because of their products.

I agree with your statement made. If a client has to fear for their safety when using a product, they wouldn’t be inclined to use the product. Companies want people to use their products, so they need to gain the trust of clients and providing protect from their products would increase trust greatly.

I believe companies should protect their users as much as possible because if not, then it could get really ugly for a user or the company.

I agree, since a company should build trust with their customers/clients in order to mutually benefit.

I believe that they do, they should protect their clients.

I understand your point however I feel like companies should make it clear to clients that their products may harm them and if the clients choose to use the companies products after that then companies should not protect them because the clients have known the risk beforehand and still decided to use the products even know it may harm them.

I believe that they should because you are paying for their product so you deserve their protection.

I agree with you. You are paying for a product so you deserve it.

I differently agree with your statement, but because of peoples greed and miscommunication, companies don’t always protect there software. Most companies don’t always protect there software because there main focus is making money, not looking out for the consumer.

I believe companies should have a moral obligation to protect their clients from harm. If people are interested and invest actual money in their product, then it should be the companies job to protect them. Doing this leads to a trust between the producer and customer, and increases sales. If they didn’t protect them, I’d assume customers would take legal action, which would result in loss in customers.

I don’t think they do, It’s like buying a knife from a knife guy and then expecting him to completely protect you because he sold you that knife. However that knife is no longer his knife now its your property and responsibility. If you just act responsibly there won’t be any harm done.

The companies do not have to protect their clients. They make a product and they have Customer support for that product. Whatever you do to your product is what you do, the company is not the blames for something that happens to windows 10 or Mac OS on that piece of hardware.