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Do you think that Apple's coronavirus tracking system is a good idea or not?

I believe that Apple’s coronavirus tracking system is good because it will help the health authorities determine where the coronavirus has spread and who each person that is infected came into contact with before they were diagnosed with corona.


I agree that it is good, especially considering how it is optional. There isn’t a mandatory update that requires you to become a part of this corona tracking, so the only people that are a part of the system are those that want to be.

I think that it could possibly be good, however with the amount of ignorant people in this world I don’t think it will be that helpful in flattening the curve. One of the main issues in the US right now is that there are not enough tests being conducted to confirm positive cases. People are out there possibly carrying the virus and spreading it and they don’t know themselves because they’re not being tested. It is also difficult since you don’t show symptoms until the incubation period is over, but you can transmit the virus during the incubation period. Also the app being optional is not ensuring anything either unfortunately.