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Online school or in person

for me personally i’m fine with both because they both have positives that the other doesn’t so i like something that is more of a mix between these two

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I agree with Kai because I think both of them have their strengths and weaknesses. But I think during this pandemic, online school played a part in trying to reduce the spread of the virus.

Whereas I would do online school, I find myself getting distracted and it gets hard to focus. This for me is enough of a reason to do in-person school. However, both sides do have their ups and downs like you said.

I agree, but I wouldn’t personally take a risk right now considering the severity of the virus. In a couple of months there is a chance that we can all go back to school safely.

For me, both options have their own benefits and drawbacks. Online school is less stressful and easier to manage, but makes it harder to communicate properly. On the other hand, in person makes it easier to speak to teachers or classmates and get an immediate response, but can be more difficult because it requires more supplies and you need to physically move from one class to another instead of just joining another Zoom meeting.

I am good with both. But mostly online classes because I can work on my own pace.

I believe both in-person and online learning have its pros and cons. In-Person can benefit many people and they can ask for help easier, but due to this current situation, it’s easier to contract the virus. Online school is easier to use but there might be wifi issues during zoom meetings.

I like in-person better because I feel there are way more benefits than online, but because of the pandemic, currently online is a lot safer.

I like in person bc i hate being stuck at home, but for my families health it is better to go online

Personally I would rather have in person school because i learb better in person and id rather see my friends in person.

It depends. I am getting much more sleep with online school but i do like to see my friends.

In person school. Because I can’t really focus in online school.

I personally like online school more because it is more self paced

During a pandemic, online learning is the easy choice for me. But ignoring that, I prefer in-person learning slightly because it helps with focus and keeps me on task. With that said, online school does have the advantages of being able to do work in one place and having more freedom to work when you want.

online school gives more freedom while in person school leads to much less procrastaniton

I agree however right now I think online is better

They both have their benefits. I miss seeing friends in person but it is used to stop the spread of corona

I like in person more because I feel like I learn a lot better in a classroom in front of a professor.

I prefer online learning at the moment. I see the argument for people going back to school; however, with the current state of the pandemic, I wouldn’t want to be going back right now.

I personally enjoy in person due to seeing more people and ebing able to communicate better but online is good due to the pandemic.