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PC _or _Console?

I personally am a PC gamer myself although I did grow up with console.

However if I were to invest into a console it would probably be a PlayStation since they have all the nice exclusives.

I would definitely pick PC as it has many more options of games to choose from, coming from a person who recently built a pc. Plus, I find it easier to use the keyboard rather than a controller. However, I agree a Playstation is a good investment as they do have certain games that are made to play with a controller and already good hardware for a somewhat low price. Though, a lot of console games are getting PC ports with a slight nuance of bugs and stuff like that.

PC since there are some games you can’t play on console.

I play on Console myself as I never really had enough for a good PC build. But if I had to choose between one I would pick PC because the bigger variety of games to play unlike consoles

I am for sure an avid PC person myself. Due to the very nature of PC’s, it just has more processing power, which allows for more things to be achievable on it. These things include rendering videos, animations, audio files, game assets, models, and so much more. And to boot, the keyboard is more user friendly in my opinion as consoles are limited to the small amount of buttons on the controller. PlayStation would be the best choice out there for consoles, but other services/programs on the PC offer console compatibility anyway. So, it defeats the purpose of the PlayStation console besides the exclusives, which most of the time get ports anyway.

I would personally choose a PC. It’s all about personal preference. If your preference is quality, the hardware inside a gaming PC can outperform the hardware in consoles; like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. As a result, games on PC can play with graphics settings set to higher levels, as well as play at higher and smoother frame rates. If you are looking for a cheaper option, consoles are way cheaper than gaming PCs. The one advantage that PCs have over consoles is that you can do a lot of things on your PC when you are not gaming, things that you cannot do on your console. That’s my main reason for choosing PC over a console.

I prefer PC due to the freedom it offers you. Do you like controller or keyboard, well you can just connect a controller to a PC, however you can’t connect a keyboard to most console games, even single player games. Another advantage to PC is that you can pretty much build a PC for almost any budget from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You can even play some console exclusives through emulators; the most popular of these being CEMU emulator for the Wii U which can be used to play Zelda BOTW on your computer on 1080p 60fps, better then what the switch can do.

I´d choose using a PC. Unlike a console, PCs offer more options in terms of gaming and customization. PCs have the largest selection of games, meaning you can find pretty much whatever you´re into. The customization of PCs allow you to change the price and performance to fit your budget and play however smooth you want it to.

I grew up playing in console but I switched to pc and I have to say it is definitely better in my opinion. More freedom, more games, and overall more fun. I do have to say that PC’s are usually more expensive depending on how good you want it to be but, considering the evolution of consoles and their prices, and the evolution of technology in general, you can get a decent pc for about the same price as a new gen console.

I would always choose a PC as there are many more games as well as a lot more functionality. the only thing that PC is worse at is that it is way less casual and beginner friendly than Consoles. Plus another reason is that consoles are turning more and more into PCs and you can build a way better machine with the same price as a PC.

I am a console gamer because I’ve been playing on xbox since a little kid

I definitely will go with PC, it’s more versatile and has more perks. The entire thing is less frustrating to work with. Not to say that consoles don’t have a benefit, exclusives and a guaranteed money’s worth is nice, as well as being less expensive. But I don’t think I would actually be able to do school work or anything else for that matter if it weren’t for this PC. I also like how much freeware and portability computers have, while it isn’t Linux or anything it’s definitely better than the PS or xbox.

I would choose PC because there are inevitably ways to emulate console exclusives even if they aren’t in the same quality or feel of the console experience.

I like PC because IMO the controls are more precise with mouse and keyboard and voice chats are easier to use through discord

PCs and consoles both have strengths and weaknesses. PC is great for enthusiasts that are willing to dish out more cash than their console counterpart. Consoles on the other hand make gaming more accessible for the general public at a lower price and simple UI.

PC 100%, it has so much more accessibility and customization then consoles, and there is no limit to what you can do, where as console, you like it or you dont, get used to it or you wont like consoles. I do think consoles have a much lower “requirement” to play on them, as in for a pc, to play good games you need a really good pc, a monitor, a keyboard, mouse, and if you are using voice chat a microphone. Whereas on console you need a tv, console, controller, and headset.

I would 100% choose PC because I dont want to spend 500 dollars each year for a brand new console and get probably the same graphics. When I can just spend 1000 one time and have better graphics than a console.