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People may have an boosted sense of confidence

Tracking people to see if they have been around someone with COVID-19 is fine as long as they opt into it, I have no problem with this. My problem is that not everyone is gonna have this feature turned on on their phones so someone who has COVID-19 may come in contact with someone using the tracking system and the person using the app on their phone would never know, in their mind they are COVID-19 free while they may be contaminated which could lead them to contaminate more people than they would have without the extra confidence.

Wow! I had not thought of this possible flaw and it’s a big one! It definitely not only makes the feature useless, but the fake sense of confidence it gives people means it could actually make matters much worse. Right now, people are being extra careful about not being around others(at least I think they are) but if they turn on this feature they may be more inclined to leave the house and be less careful -especially if they don’t understand how it works.

I agree that some people will grow too reliant on the system and not realize the fact that not everyone has it. This could lead to issues because if the system doesn’t say that they haven’t contacted anyone with it, but still get the virus, it could lead to a decrease in faith of they system, leading more people to delete the app rather than continue spreading information of who has the virus and who does not.

I think that the data is probably going to be harvested in some vault somewhere anyways, regardless of opt in. Are you really reading all those terms of service?