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Should companies make the terms and agreement shorter?(W1399B)

I believe companies should make their terms and agreement shorter, so people would have the patience to understand what their getting into before using it. What do you guys think?

I agree that the Terms and Conditions shorter. No one now has the time or the patience to read through all of those pages of never ending words. They definitely need to come up with a more efficient way of explaining the terms to the people.

I think that the terms and conditions should be shorter. No one that I know of actually reads these conditions, so they might be in danger of breaking one of the terms and they might not even know it. I think a shorter terms and conditions would go a long way into protecting the customer and the company.

While I agree that Terms and Conditions can be very cumbersum and lenghy to read. It contains very important legal and other information in it than cant be put into a pagraph. While it wouldnt hurt to have a short paragraph sumerizing main ideas they cant exactly make it short.

Yes, if they were shorter people would be more likely to read and actually agree instead of just moving on from it.

I think that they should only put the information that isn’t common sense and make the things like collecting info about you more prominent.

I think they should so that it’s easier for the people who want to read them, but I don’t think the majority of the population would read the terms and agreements, regardless of the length. Iv’e never read a word of it in my life but I’m guessing it’s common sense stuff.

I think that the terms and conditions should be more concise. More often than not, many people don’t read the terms and conditions, so they might be in danger of breaking one of the terms and they might not even know it. I believe a more concise terms and conditions with the important things bolded would be the best solution as well as the most successful.

I feel like for the most part the terms and conditions would be ignored either way because people generally don’t care about what is in the terms and conditions. Also, usually the things which are hidden deep in the terms and conditions aren’t legally binding for the customer.

I do believe that companies should make their terms and agreements shorter. This is so that more people take the time to read them and understand the text. Usually, people do not read them since they are so long. If they could give a brief summary, more people will read the terms and services.

I agree that while there might be certain information that cannot be condensed into short paragraphs, highlighting important parts that actually pertain to the user would be helpful. If there have been legal cases that have needed people to look through the terms and conditions recently for that company, then it may be a good idea to just have a section where it says “recently referenced” or something of that sort to show the relevant parts.

In my opinion, the terms and conditions should be shorter. Many people disregard them because of its length. I think the terms and conditions should state legal conditions that aren’t commonly know to the public.

I believe that the terms and agreements should be shorter because nobody has time to read through them

Yes, I agree that companies should make terms and agreements shorter, which would in turn make them more concise, transparent, and less misleading.

Companies should look at the costumers perspective. No one reads through the terms and conditions because it’s so long and complicated. They should make it where a normal person can read it within five minutes.

I do agree, but the terms and conditions contain a bunch of legal jargon that cannot be shortened. I think the companies should include a short summary of the content so we can skim over it quicker.

Although the Terms and Conditions are usually incredibly long, it contains legal information it must disclose, and making it shorter would simply remove important information the customer should know. Every line gives information about the company, more transparency is always a could thing. If you want the summary, you can always go to a website like (

Why should they have to its specifically there so people who don’t care will just skip right past it; like most people do, and if you really care then you’ll read it all. Plus they’re things in the terms that will help the customer with a loop hole so the strategy for most companies is just to hide it. And again if you really wanted to know you’d read through it all.

I totally agree that companies should shorten the length of the Terms and Conditions. Making them shorter will make the rules and consequences more understandable and clear to the customer and would probably save a lot of time in the customer support field. Overall, its a win for both sides in my opinion.

True, but the reason people don’t read it or care is because its too long. If you would shorten it, more people would not necessarily “care” more than they did before, but will probably give it a good glance, just because its easy to read and understandable. This will make it so more customers are familiar with the rules, instead of only a few people who actually read the long terms and care.