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Should we discourage teen jobs?(W1399B)

I think that in high school, students should be geared more towards studying that way they can go for better colleges and careers. Work may be beneficial for experience but it might deprive too much time from studying for tests and SAT.

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I do not agree with this. I feel like people need to know what the work enviroment is like. Also some familys need all the money and help they can get. So I feel like it should rather be encouraged since you learn more from a real experience then fictional math studys and encounters. It also puts you in a place where you have to make spending descions and learn taxes an so on.

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I feel like working Highschool is a good thing. Some people are like me and have to actually buy their first car and in that case, you need money. I also believe that working fast food gives you a respect for the minimum wage workers we take for granted every day like fast-food workers, grocery store baggers, and gas station clerks. You can also build a portfolio of work experience that can help you get future work.

I think that getting a job as a teenager is very important to develop certain skills needed for a future. It is also a good adjunct for a high school student. Social skills, and other skills you learn on the job improve greatly and are extremely beneficial in the near future. I have lived in India for a great deal of my childhood and over there, working jobs as a teen is not encouraged at all. Almost no high school students work a job making it harder for them to know about certain skills needed for obtaining jobs in the future as an adult.

No, we shouldn’t discourage teen jobs because it prepares teenagers for the future. Having a job as a student requires good time management skills as well as high responsibility because you have to balance out your job and schoolwork. This can apply to real life, for example, when you’re in college and need to get a job in order to support yourself financially while also keeping up with schoolwork. Finally, the sense of fulfillment obtained when you work for something all by yourself is unparalelled.

Teen jobs help prepare a student for life experiences, like budgeting and professional interactions. Sure teenagers should focus on school work, but many jobs that hire teens allow a flexible work schedule to cater to that. School should not take up a teenager’s whole life.

I feel that it depends on you and your family’s situation. If your family doesn’t need the money from another job you don’t necessarily need to have a job, and then you working more on your schoolwork will be more likely to benefit you longterm since you can get into better colleges. If you need the money then it will provide that as well as give you work experience for later in life if you still plan to work towards a more demanding job. Of course it probably doesn’t hurt all that much to get a job even if you don’t need one, but would like to learn what it is like.

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I think working in High School is a good thing if the student can balance it correctly. Working in High School better prepares you for working when you are an adult, and learning at a young age gives could give you a better chance at getting a job or getting a higher paying job when exiting high school. For me, I only work 6 hours a week (I worked 30 over the summer) since school started, but this shows when a different employer is looking to hire me, and it can positively affect my chances of getting a better job.

I don’t think we should discourage teen jobs. Jobs can teach teens valuable life lessons like time management, budgeting/money management, and discipline. Their experiences will also make them more comfortable when they have to look for their first job as an adult. They will know what it’s like to be interviewed, managed, etc. Since most teens have low paying jobs, it can also motivate them to do well in school so that they can land a job that pays well and/or that they like. The only scenario in which a teen job can be harmful is if the teen has an extremely heavy workload (many advanced classes, member of clubs, sports teams, volunteering, etc.). In these cases, it may be a good idea to skip out on the job.

I genuinely have no clue what to think about teen jobs. They can be really important for your life but there are a lot of things on teen’s plates. Having to balance a work, home, and school life can be very troublesome and stressful. I guess studying and doing homework should be more important but it doesn’t really feel like it would be when you have a job.

I do not think we should discourage teen jobs. Teen jobs are a great way for young adults to learn responsibility and time management. Balancing a job and school is not easy, so it’s a great way to learn a good life skill. While I do agree that a job could take away from focus on schoolwork, I still believe a job is a great way to learn some responsibility and gain some independence as long as school remains a priority. Additionally, there may be teens who need jobs to support their families and don’t have an option to work or not, so we shouldn’t make them feel bad and instead offer them support.

Jobs in high school should not be discouraged unless in certain situations. Having a teen job can provide an extra supplementary supply of income and a lot of work experience. However, having a teen job can take time and focus away from other important things like school. In my case I am very busy with school and football, so I don’t have time for a job.

I think teen jobs should be encouraged. Jobs give teens the opportunity to get job experience, work on their skills, and source of income. Job experience can help you develop many interpersonal skills when working with others. Jobs also help you make decisions to manage your time wisely.

I do not think we should discourage teen jobs. One it makes the more minor and small task harder to fill out because teens will do anything for money. Some families might need them to work to help support the family or they need money to try and get a car when they turn 16 or something. But it does how the downside of oversaturating the lower end market of the work industry, and can cause independents to not have jobs.

No, I think that working as a teen is a good thing. It gives experience to teens, making them less nervous and more efficient in the future. Plus, the teen could be working because their family needs money, or maybe they just want to buy something without always relying on their parents. Working at a young age can also develop work ethic for the future.

I don’t think we should discourage teen jobs. Getting a job early on prepares you for when you get a job in the future as an adult. It gives you experience and builds many important skills such as: learning how to work under pressure, in a group, communication skills, etc.

I disagree. Working as a teen can be beneficial as long as you get a schedule that works well for you. You get job experience as well as extra money that can be useful throughout school. You can also build social skills by communicating with customers and learn how to handle difficult situations that comes with it.

I disagree. I think its important for a teenager to have a job which will give you valuable experience. Having a good communication skills, experience on working a job, help you mange your time,. and also its good to have it on your paper for collage. It Make you stand out. But I think its better for students to get a job somewhere at their junior year. As senor year is bit more difficult to mange time. Especially now.

I think that teens jobs should not be discouraged. I feel that having a job as a teen can help you to develop important skills. Even though having a job takes up time, it can help you to develop better time management skills and be more responsible. It also can help to introduce what the “real world” is kind of like.

I think they should be encouraged because teens can learn time management and also start earning money for their futures