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Should we discourage teen jobs?(W1399B)

While I do believe it is important for teens to get jobs and learn necessary skills, I do not believe they should have jobs during school. Education needs to be prioritized and so that students will know the material they will need in the future. Good grades in school and on the SAT will allow a teenager to get a better college education and succeed later in life.

It really depends on a person’s situation. For example, I don’t really have the time or energy for a job, as most of my free time is taken up by homework and band. Saturday is usually free for me, but that’s not really enough time even for a part time job, and I need Saturday free to gain back my energy. But, some people have enough time for a job, but really it’s up to them on whether they should get a job or not. I don’t think teens should be pushed to get a job, but I don’t think discouraging it is a good thing either.