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Technology's impact on Covid (Ben Haines)

Technology has had a large impact on covid-19, without it the virus could have been much worse. Technology has been created and discovered over 2020 and some of 2021 that has allowed us to speak and communicate with family, friends, and colleagues without us risking a chance of illness, the biggest of which is Zoom. These video platforms have allowed workplaces to remain operational without spreading covid, to varying degrees of success.

While the positive aspects are undeniable Technology has also been a cause for some possible increases in transmission. Most of the harm done is through misinformation, with the growth of technology and a greater ease of access to information people have been able to misinform the public, and this has led to some increases in cases, though not as many as there would have been without this ease of access.

Technology has definitely played a role in our communication and with the covid 19 outbreak it has rapidly shifted the way we communicated like you portraited.

I agree because i think that zoom helped us all see our family and friends. Also it helped us learn throughout the school year.

I also agree that technology has allowed to speak and communicate with family, friends, and colleagues while still maintaining social distancing.