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What is technology's impact on Covid? (Andrew Lin)

I think technology has impacted Covid by lessening the effects of covid. If we did not have technology and the internet when Covid came, everybody would be stuck inside their homes during the pandemic with no connection to the outside world. However, with new technologies such as cringes zoom or cringes again CANVAS, students are able to go to school without going to school. Furthermore, social media has allowed a vast amount of people to connect and stay socially active. Increased connectivity is contrary to what we think should happen because of pandemics, but technology has made it happen.

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This is true, technology has played a great role in being socially active with education.

I agree, although the pandemic has disconnected us physically it has forced us to find new ways to connect with each other through technology, which has caused us to become more connected.

You are right, tech has greatly impacted our lives and COVID through allowing us to continue our daily commitments while staying at home. This has also improved our relationships with other people as we are able to communicate comfortably through texting or another online method. I think that without technology, we would not be as good off as we are right now.

I agree. Without modern technology, there would be much more severe consequences of the virus. Social media is also a important aspect in today’s world because without it school would be different. If the technology today didn’t exist and everyone was stuck at home, they wouldn’t be able to go to school affecting education significantly.