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What is technology's impact on Covid? (Ankita S.)

Technology impacted Covid in many ways. It served to connect people when face to face meetings were not possible, and it helped school maintain a semblance of a teaching environment. Technology also made it possible to keep in touch with family and friends that we might not have have spoken to otherwise.

Despite the fact that technology served us greatly during the pandemic, many people are now struggling to get back on track. With in-person education and workplaces, many people are now having to be reaccustomed to the environment.

I agree with you Ankita. It has been difficult to re-adjust to in-person learning, but we are easily able to adapt to these changes because we have devices that let us communicate. This wouldn’t have been possible in previous world-wide pandemics. Keeping touch with friends and family helped all of us cope and let us know if they are safe/unsafe.

yes it has been hard to re-adjust to being back in person. since we have been on computers for one whole year it has been hard to adjust back.

I totally agree with you. You made some very good points on how covid affected peoples lives.