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What is technology's impact on Covid? (Austin Dlugosch)

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck us, we were forced to isolate from each other. This made face-to-face interaction, a necessary constant in many of our lives, challenging. However, technology became one of the best substitutions more than it has ever before. Many of us turned to social media platforms for the first time during the pandemic. Another way technology impacted the Covid pandemic was online functions replacing things that were largely in person before. While online shopping has always steadily been on the rise, many people began to online shop for groceries and other items that were usually bought in person at the store. Quickly, Amazon became a one stop shop for everything you might need in your home. Although these are just two ways technology impacted covid, there are certainly many more.

I really like how you used the a few of the most used technologies that haas really helped us during the pandemic and, technology has definitely impacted us in many of that ways that you have listed.

Exactly, many first-time users have turned to social media and online alternatives over the span of this pandemic. Zoom was and still is an easy, accessible resource that people of all ages can utilize. Though online shopping has been a thing for a while, more people turned to the online web to purchase commodities and goods. It was a nice alternative to actually purchasing in person. I myself noticed that I went to the store less often and bought online instead.

Yes great point, retail is not one many people would think of, but the market for purchasing and obtaining goods shifted to digital much more than we have seen in previous years.

100%. Covid made lots of things difficult, especially human interaction.

I agree, Amazon became a retail giant during the pandemic and has now turned into the one-stop shop you described. It has certainly been one of the technology-related trademarks of the pandemic.