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What is technology's impact on Covid(Comp Sci 1)

Since the start of the covid 19 pandemic, people have been forced into their homes to work almost fully through the internet. Because of this drastic change, people have become more resourceful in their use of technology. For example, this virus has encouraged many people who didn’t have access to tools like computers to go out of their way to purchase them. People who have jobs in computer science were incredibly lucky as their specialty in tech allows them to keep their job and steady income. Technology also greatly reduced the mortality of the pandemic as it allowed humans to create and distribute a vaccine. Without high-tech machinery, it would be nearly impossible to develop a vaccine.

I will have to admit, I didnt think about the effects that covid had on technology, good going!

This was a unique angle to think about it, but I do think you hit a good point by talking about computer science careers.

I’ll admit I didn’t think about all the effects that covid had on us in that way, and I also like how you mentioned the computer science career

I wasn’t expecting you to mention computer science but it was a nice point to bring up. Additionally, technology has certainly helped in the diffusion of vaccines across the world. Without it, we’d certainly have a hard time aiding those in need.

What you said about vaccines and the technology needed to create them is something I would have overlooked. Thinking about it now, it probably took many researchers, scientists, tools/machinery, and other workers to create the vaccine and distribute it so quickly.

(Replying to Hunter)

Technology has impacted the speed at which news is spread around the world. Communication technology allows people in different parts of the world to receive updates on Covid through the news, social media, and even through friends/family with access to the internet. This news caused people to quickly take precautions to help stop the spread of Covid.

Technology has helped a lot of people do their jobs and go to school, an example is zoom letting their be contact with your colleagues, teacher, or students. Since people had to stay inside people started to use technology a lot more.

It was interesting to learn that others outside computer science would have been greatly benefited by technology in this pandemic.

I like the fact that you addressed the state the market is at when it comes to technology.

Covid 19 has made technology more relied on now that many people couldn’t come into contact with each other. Technology allowed for a way to connect with each other without being physically interact with each other. This technology allowed people of different cultures to interact and learn from each other to help each other get through this pandemic together.

Technology has helped people to spread news about Covid and has allowed people to communicate with others for work and/or school.

due to covid we began to use technology more. we started using zoom meetings for classes. we took all of our assignments to the internet. and used computers to work. we are still doing this. but now to a lesser extent.

there was a lot that we didn’t know would change

covid really did change how we communicate

I like how you explained and showed how technology works with COVID 19.

covid definitely changed how we accomplish our daily activities.

Technology has truly made doing many things much more safe during the Covid pandemic. Technology made it so you can still talk and see your friends, go to school, and work all from the safety of your own home. Technology also helped spread information about the pandemic, and news about how safe it was to go out, and the safety precautions they should take. Not to mention the fact that if it wasn’t for the level of technology we have, we definitely wouldn’t have made a vaccine this fast.