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What is technology's impact on Covid? (Geoff Daniel)

Technology had a big impact on COVID. During these COVID times, the use of technology has increased due to the lockdown. More people are using social media and are on their technology. Technology has also helped in the making of the COVID vaccine and also helping to spread the news about the pandemic. Technology has also made it easier to get COVID test results faster than before. Technology has reduced the amount of COVID cases through the vaccine and through mask wearing awareness. Without technology, the COVID situation would be much worse and harder to contain.

I agree, Covid caused social media to become an even larger thing as it was used to spread news about anything Covid related

It’s great that you brought up social media! It was one of the main ways that awareness and guidelines about Covid were spread. People also mainly used social media to stay connected.

I agree that social media was very helpful for increasing mask wearing awareness, as it would be a nigh impossible task for a group to spread information about why face coverings are important globally without the help of social media or another form of technology.

I agree, covid could have been much worse without technology to help contain the spread of COVID and treat it itself.

i agree that more people are using social media during the time of covid.

I agree, technology has helped us more than ever right now

I agree, without technology covid would be much worse.

Social media is a great point, I’ve seen lots of advertisements concerning covid-19 vaccines.