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What is technology's impact on Covid? (Hellen Lee)

Technology is used on a daily bases throughout our lives. Especially once Covid started, technology started to change the ways we handled different things. People started to use technology as a resource to stay in contact with others even if they were not face to face. Most places use technology to do simple things like order food or to pay for groceries. Since many people stayed in a confined area during Covid, more people started to use technology as a way to stay entertained throughout the long days. As people started to use more technology in their daily routine, more people started to rely on technology when doing the simplest things. Technology helped people around Covid as they had to limit their contact with other people.

This is true because technology enables connecting with others without being near them so a situation like Covid that causes people not to be near each other will have a likely effect of an increase in technology usage because people still want to interact.

I have also noticed how much technology has helped us simplify our daily routines. People are able to stay home to buy products and can use no-touch payment options, such as Apple Pay, rather than using cash or credit cards.

I agree that technology has simplified our daily life’s in the the time of Covid. It made it where we can all interact without having to face the risks of spreading the virus itself.

I agree about how technology had been used to take our minds of what is happening throughout the world, in which covid would limit what all we could do through the year.

I agree, technology definitely helped people stay in contact during Covid.

I agree that technology has helped people stay connected during Covid.

I like what you said about technology’s role in helping limit contact during COVID-19. Moving traditionally in-person activities, such as school, work, and grocery shopping, online definitely helped with that.

I agree, technology helped people get through the pandemic and adjust better.

i agree tech has definitely help us with this covid stuff