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What is Technology's Impact on Covid (Ishaan Gupta)

March 2020 will forever be a date enshrined in the elusive history of humanity as the start of the global COVID 19 pandemic. The pandemic brought everything to an abrupt halt in a matter of hours around the globe and now, almost one and a half years later, we can still see the extremely prominent and lasting consequences brought forth by this. Perhaps the industry with the most profound impact on COVID was that of the technology sector. Ever since the day of the first lockdown, people took to their favorite social media platforms to express their views and opinions in regards to Coronavirus information, quarantine tips, or just in general. This led to the rise in popularity in the social media platform known as TikTok which created another outlet for people to get relevant information. Governments and organizations used their online presence to inform people how to stay safe and the current rules allowing people to steer clear of COVID risk. Along the same token, technologies such as Zoom, WebEx, and Cisco were vital in keeping governments, schools, and corporations on their feet allowing employees, students, and administrators, to still complete their job and contribute to the economy. Furthermore, on the front lines, medical technology allowed for hospital workers to accommodate an overflow of patients with possible remedies for COVID. For example, some initial research done with advanced technology determined that people with high levels of vitamin C to bolster the immune system had better chances of fighting of COVID thus allowing hospitals to provide patients with vitamin C as a possible way of recovering. Most recently, technology has played a huge role in the development of vaccines which have now been proven to be extremely effective in preventing COVID 19 and reducing its severity of it. This means that as more of the global population gets vaccinated, the less risk for contracting COVID. Technology has had an immense impact on COVID from the beginning when everything was stopped in it’s tracks until the near end in which a state of normalcy can finally be reattained.

I’ve never really thought about the way Covid has impacted social media, but you are right it has definitely has been being used to spread information relating to covid, unfortunately, it has also led to some false information being spread too, but there are some positives to people sharing their thoughts about covid, like helping people feel less alone during the pandemic.

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