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What is technology's impact on Covid? (Josh Tran)

The impact that technology has had on Covid is that it has helped us to stay connected throughout the past year. We have been able to communicate with one another and were still able to learn because of technology. It has also helped to research and find the vaccine for Covid itself.

That’s what I’ve been on, Josh Tran. Without technology, the vaccine’s development would have been extremely stunted, or even not possible. I completely agree!

I agree with your statement Josh, and agree that without technology, communication would almost be impossible!

You straight up spittin’, Josh Tran. Without technology it would become increasingly difficult for people to socialize due to quarantining. I think applications such as zoom and messaging software were integral to keeping people up to date with each other during the pandemic. Scientists were also able to communicate with each other using this software and therefore they were likely able to find a cure quicker.

Communication during the pandemic was very important especially with school. It helped all students stay on top of things and without technology most of us wouldn’t be where we are today.

I also agree that technology helped us find the vaccine for Covid and if it wasn’t for technology we might not know how long it would have took to find the vaccine.

I also believe that technology has allowed us to stay connected throughout the past year. This allowed me to continue taking school in a safe environment and keep in touch with my friends.