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What is technology's impact on Covid? (Laina Hoang)

Technology has left a profound impact on COVID, in both beneficial and detrimental ways. While some may voice different opinions about the spectrum of positive effects, it is clear that technology has altered our lives considerably. Specifically, it has allowed co-workers, family members, and friends to communicate freely without worrying about contracting/spreading the virus. Programs, such as Zoom and Microsoft Team, have rapidly amassed millions of users, reaching their highest peaks in daily meeting participants. Through a program on the web (and stable wifi), people from across the world can converse in real-time and work collaboratively from the comfort of their own homes. Remote-learning (or working) has been a helpful alternative, especially for those with underlying health conditions and at-risk loved ones. Though similar resources have been around, these tools have recently become more easily accessible to locate and utilize for users of various ages.

However, technology does have its drawbacks. Even though technology has made it easier to interact, it assisted in the diffusion of disinformation. Nowadays, anyone can create a post on a social media platform and share it with their viewers. All it takes is just a few taps on one’s screen. Unfortunately, some take advantage of this fact and intentionally invoke fear in those who view their posts. The spread of this false information often leads to poor decisions and contributes to peaks in COVID cases.

I completely understand what you are saying about the drawbacks technology during this pandemic, specifically the diffusion of misinformation. I noticed many times on social media, a fake claim about the pandemic or the vaccine would be trending. It made me think about ways we can tackle misinformation. I could only think of reporting these posts and making sure you are fact checking and doing your own research.

I like how you talk about the good and bad of how much technology has advanced since the start of the pandemic. Now that people rely more on their technology, it’s easy to find misleading information which can lead to unnecessary paranoia or hatred toward the parties involved.

I like that you explained the good and freedom that technology brought to Covid, while also going over some of the negatives it might of brought. I think it is important to speak about the spread of misinformation and how easy it can be.