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What is technology's impact on Covid? (LoganR_CS1)

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic we have been using advanced technologies to track, monitor, and predict the spread of the virus. Neural networks have been used to predict the next outbreaks using data collected by surveys and reports. In addition, communication technologies such as zoom and canvas have allowed for schooling to be completed online while schools and most businesses are closed.

I agree with what you said. It caused a unprecedented growth in neural networks, which resulted in new studies.

I agree Covid sparked the creation and utilization of more advanced technology. Also, I believe online applications that got popular during the outbreak will be utilized for a while because people got used to them and liked the opportunity they provide.

totally agree with your idea

I agree to what you said, but I would add that many businesses and schools that were open often dependent on these communication technologies, and many businesses that were about to close used this technology to their advantage.