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What is technology's impact on Covid) (Max.S)

I believe that technology was utilized a lot during covid due to the fact that everyone was forced to stay at home. It was very important in communication due to the fact that no one could see each other. We also were able to find out that school could all be online and still work out fine. It also led to the creation of new forms of communication like Zoom, which allowed a large group of people to be able to communicate.

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Yes, a very visible effect that technology had was enabling people to work and learn remotely, without putting them at risk of infection.

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Yes I agree I like the points you made about communication I think that communication is vital to us because as humans we are social creatures that need to socialize with one another.

This is very true and I believe that communicating with each other helped people and their mental health. The pandemic/quarantine may have left people feeling lonely and technology helped them connect with their friends and family and made them feel happier.

i agree that communication is key for us humans.

Zoom was created, I think that was important, we could do school with that still.

I agree with your point stating that technology allowed us to connect with one another.

I definitely agree that the creation of Zoom was important, especially as this helped to combat the isolation that Covid imposed on many people, and still made it (at least somewhat possible) for people to carry on with extracurricular activities and schooling through this format.

I agree communications is how we can get pass this pandemic

Yes, the ability of people to talk to each other while not physically present, helped keep people safe and still allowed them to communicate.

I agree with you because technology was very important after Covid happened