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What is Technology's Impact on Covid? (Michael S)

Throughout the Covid Pandemic, technology has become a great asset for us all. Since physical copies of worksheets and schoolwork were unusable due to the virus, technology was the only option when it came to the school year. Due to the internet however, society is still connected even while physically isolated, and through utilizing programs such as Zoom, Canvas, and Google Meets, we were all able to learn with technology even through a global pandemic.

I agree. Technology allowed us to continue to learn, even from home. Without it, it would’ve been very difficult to learn and keep everyone safe.

I agree that technology has definitely helped people continue to learn and keep up with their education during the pandemic.

That’s what I’ve been saying, Michael Sajdak. I too, believe that technology allowed in-person school to take place with less contact between students and teachers.

FAXXX MICHAEL SAJDAK. I think this change was for the better because it will decrease carbon emissions by slashing use of paper. A move to electricity will also make organizing documents easier as you could simply use a command to find it instead of digging through mountains of paperwork.

I think that technology has made some things easier and some things harder when it comes to school. For example, it was more difficult for me to focus as I was tempted to play the video game Fortnite instead of doing work. But also, online assignments were much more convenient than having to work on papers and typing was much easier than writing.