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What is technology's impact on Covid? (Myoram Langwang)

Technology has had a major impact on Covid. We use technology on a daily basis and technology has helped people in many different ways. Through the use of technology, scientists gained access to information and formed a vaccine, saving more than thousands of lives every day. In addition, technology provides multiple platforms (social media) where people can reach out to others about the situations going on during the pandemic. In conclusion, technology’s crucial impact helped make a more positive outcome and a easier solution to the problem/pandemic.

I agree that technology has had a great impact on COVID. It helped a lot with forming the vaccine, and it also helped spread awareness of COVID. Another way that technology has impacted COVID is with the emergence of virtual classrooms like Zoom or Google Classroom where you can take online classes for school.

Yes, I agree that technology helped make a more positive outcome during the COVID-19 pandemic because people are better educated on how to protect themselves from the virus.

I agree, social media was a great way for COVID news to be shared.

Technology was by far the best tool to uses because of social distancing. it allowed us to go to school at home and work at home as well. Technology has made the better outcome of what could’ve been a much worse pandemic.

I agree that Covid was used to help create a vaccine and help spread news about covid and that it’s use saved many peoples lives

I like what you said about technology and its role in helping scientists develop the vaccine. I definitely agree with you in that the use of communicative technology had made it feasible for the collaborative efforts behind the vaccine to have taken place.

I agree. Technology has had a huge impact on the research for a vaccine and production of the vaccine. Technology has had only positive outcomes in todays world and without the technology the world would not be anything like it is today.

I agree with what you said. While it created a rise in social media usage, it also created a silicon shorted, causing hardware prices to increase.

I agree that technology played a major part in finding the research and cure for covid. It was one of the key factors going into the process

I agree, I used social media a lot to share facts about covid too.

I agree, Covid did create social media platforms. that is surprising to me.

I agree that the technology letting us have easier ways of communication greatly helped combat Covid because it helped spread news about Covid. More people were made aware of ways they can help fight Covid like wearing their masks

Technology has really impacted covid. It is a gateway to communicate with people even when you are quarentined. It’ss so crazy how we have class on zoom now. Technology overall is a good thing to come out of all of this, it helps us keep in touch with family while also not putting anyone at risk.

Same. That is definitely a saving grace in this day and age.

I agree, I used social media to understand everything about covid.

I didn’t think of that at first, but you’re right; the vaccines (and other medical treatment for COVID) were made using some form of technology in a lab. Without technology and the vaccines, maybe quarantine would still be in place and continue to be for a much longer period of time.

Definitly. I agree with it. Technology did indeed helped in making new inventions and new innovations during the pandemic.