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What is technology's impact on Covid? (Sahil Pai)

I would say that technology has massively influenced our daily life throughout this pandemic. It has been able to decrease the COVID cases by helping spread recent information that is discovered concerning vaccines and also through helping create the vaccines themselves in researching the virus. Technology is something we use constantly without even knowing it and it has drastically changed in the time of COVID by becoming much more important due to social distancing. This is through the mass growth of online teaching for schools and working online for people with jobs. Tech has also been useful in spreading the importance of social distancing which is important for all of us to do in these times. Overall, technology has had a much greater impact on the pandemic than we could realize.

I agree 100%. Technology has had a massive impact on education, business, and has indeed aided in the creation of vaccines to counter Covid.

Online teaching was definitely a huge contributor to the increase in usage of technology as students still had to learn, but not in-person

You made a very good point on how technology has helped spreading the importance of social distancing through different social media.

i fully agree that it has influenced our daily lives.

I absolutely agree with you

I agree that technology has had a much greater impact on the pandemic than we could realize, but I would also like to add another thing. These effects that came from technology during the pandemic will often follow through to the years to come.

Yes I would agree since technology has helped human development a lot during times of crisis.