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What is technology's impact on Covid

Technology has impacted us in many ways, but how has it impacted covid? I think that technology has impacted covid by allowing us to make vaccines and has allowed us to stay connected throughout lockdown.

Technology has had an incredible impact to Covid. For one, it was used to do complex problems, research for the vaccine, and data bases to keep all of the research. Technology has truly helped a lot within the community.

I completely agree. Technology has played a huge role in many lives, including our schooling.

I definitely agree, if we didn’t have the technology and knowledge to be able to develop the vaccine we would be in a totally different situation.

I definitely agree with you, if we didn’t have technology to store all the research we wouldn’t have an easy way to view and access the research scientist and doctors are doing.

Technology has definitely impacted Covid when allowing us to make the vaccine, but our technology also advanced during Covid making it easier.

The covid vaccine is clear evidence of our advancing medical technology. Before vaccines would take over ten years to develop, but the covid vaccine was produced much faster and was still very effective. Additionally, the covid vaccine utilizes a new method called mRNA. Without our technology, its safe to say we would be in a completely different situation.

Technology has affected Covid in many ways such as allowing people to continue to have contact with the outside world. Another way it had affected Covid is allowing the people to have the knowledge on what to do during quarantine

Technology allowed us to all stay connected and continue our daily lives as normal as we can.

Yes that is a great point, technology made it much simpler for scientists and biologists across the globe to share their ideas and findings in the making of our vaccine.

Good point that you brought up. I think that without the modern technology that we have today we would never be able to survive this pandemic.

Technology has tremendously helped us in the fight against the pandemic. It allowed us to gather research very quickly, and take appropriate and effective action.

i agree technology helps a lot.

Technology has helped improve the use of software concerning Covid, such as the development of apps and website to track the number of cases. I also agree, technology has facilitated the distribution of vaccines.

Technology did have a huge impact during Covid-19 times because it helped us to get the vaccines we have today which reduced the spread of the virus by a lot. Without technology we probably still would have been in lockdown and had to do school via zoom.

Technology has helped us through Covid as individuals allowing us to reach people online instead of in person and still communicate effectively. It has also helped find a vaccine to end the pandemic.

Yes, the advancement of technology and its use allowed us to create the vaccine. This technology will also help u sin future years, and past experiences allowed us to make improvements and advance as a society. Technology has also allowed us to be connected during these isolated times.