Coder Merlin Discourse

What is your favorite type of fruit?

Personally, my favorite fruit is apples because there are many different types.

I really like mangos. Mangos have a very unique sweetness to them which make them really good to me.

I like berries because they can be sweet but also tart, and also tropical fruits like mangos and lychees, since I don’t eat them too often, which makes their unique taste more enjoyable

my favorite fruit is watermelon because watermelon is really sweet and if you eat it cold its really good in my opinion

Personally, I love apples. They are so good paired with penut butter!

I quite enjoy bananas.They have a nice taste and pair well together with cheerios.

i like cold watermelons because its sweet and cool

I enjoy mangoes but strawberries and bananas are really good too.

MY favorite type of fruit is an apple because theyre juicy and nutritious