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What's up with the iOS not updating on "obsolete" iPhones?

I have a friend who has a iPhone 6, and I have an SE. However, their iPhone won’t update their iOS past 12. Is this a hardware thing, like I think it may be, or is it just Apple trying to forcefully out-date their own technology?


ding-ding- you got it. Apple has already been in several lawsuits cut off from the media for purposeful self harming engineering processes that allow for the company overtime to make more revenue from loyal consumers.


I think there are 2 possibilities:

  1. The hardware of the old iPhones can’t support the newest updates
  2. Apple is trying to get people to by new phones.

Apple is just using their super loyal customers to make more money by them constantly forcing people to buy new iphones


I think it’s mostly a hardware limitation. Apple isn’t exactly running out of money any time soon, so they don’t really have a need to push people to buy new iPhones every year.

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Apple’s older generation phones either

  1. cant output the battery power required
  2. cant keep the older gen battery running decently without the phone dying every hour
  3. wants people on newer hardware
  4. doesn’t want to be backlashed again after people thought they were intentionally slowing down older phones.