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Would you rather be able to fly or be able to breathe underwater?(W1399B)

I would want to fly because then I could get to places quickly.

fly because humans rarely go in the water except to swim

I would have to say the power to fly. There’s no way I’d be underwater because I don’t know what’s in it and I’m not looking to get eaten by sharks. Besides, it’d be cool to be free and fly around places.

I would rather fly, there aren’t any sharks in the sky and at certain depths, it impossible to see underwater.

I would definity fly. I want to feel free like a bird. But I need to watch for air planes.

I would rather fly because you would use it more often, and you can swim without breathing underwater.

I would rather fly so i can go to more places.

Fly. if you could fly, why would you even need to be in the water?

I would 100% rather fly because I don’t have to pay for gas anymore or I don’t have to pay to fly anywhere.

I would want to fly since I could get to multiple places without a place whereas breathing is just underwater.